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Project Samples


Learn the ADDIE Model

This course was created to teach instructional models and systems. The presented section offers a brief overview of ADDIE with a drag-and-drop assessment. It was built in Rise 360 and recorded using ScreenFlow.


7 Useful Effects for Cleaning and Repairing Audio in Adobe Audition.

This tutorial features seven Audition effects with a title, transitions, and ending. It was created using a combination of Audition, ScreenFlow, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.


Resolving Conflict with Empathy and Compassion

This video introduces conflict resolution and was created for a conflict resolution workshop. The client provided the footage. The audio was created in Audition, and Premiere Pro was used for editing.


Little Red Cap 

This audio production of "Little Red Cap" from Grimm's Fairy Tales was created for a German literature course studying fairy tales. It includes third-person narration, character dialogue, sound effects, and music. The production was created in Adobe Audition.


Being Mindful of Student Needs: The Necessity of Teaching Mindfulness in Adolescent Classrooms



Recent studies have shown that adolescent students' mental health suffers when overstressed, and academic stress is one of the leading causes (Rentala et al., 2019). In addition, interest and engagement in studies naturally drop as students become adolescents due to instructors not addressing their changing needs (Raufelder & Kulakow, 2021). By including mindfulness practices and teaching methods within curriculum design, future instructors will have the tools to help adolescents reduce their academic stress, address their ever-changing emotions, and learn to form healthy relationships (Browning & Romer, 2020). This study aims to show that mindfulness practices implemented in adolescent classroom environments can reduce stress and increase student engagement by discussing easily accessible methods and their benefits. First, however, instructional designers must begin designing mindfulness content at the instructor training level to ensure that teachers are confident and fully prepared to teach the materials within a classroom setting.



Adventures in Mastery

This comic was created as a fun and engaging way to teach SMART goals. Readers follow IDT Girl and her friend EB Boy as they progress through each step of the SMART goal system. 


Phila Saves The World

This is an interactive text game in choose-your-own-adventure format. It was created in Twine and published on It teaches critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and decision-making.

The evil Mandlas have threatened the world as we know it, and now it's up to Phila, a thirteen-year-old girl, to prevent them from merging the physical and astral planes and destroying all life forms. Help Phila complete her sangoma training, activate her magic, and ultimately save the world.

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