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Project Samples


Cinematography Composition: Mastering the Art

Objectives: After watching this tutorial, learners will be able to recognize eight widely used cinematic composition techniques, plan visually pleasing shots using compositional principles, and implement specified techniques in filmmaking and visual storytelling.


Audience: Consumers aged 18 to 99 who desire to hire a video production company and media creators aged 25-45 who want to learn more about film composition techniques


Little Red Cap 

Objective: After this audio production, learners will demonstrate how to design and produce a professional-quality German fairy tale.


Audience: Sophomore undergraduates within the German Language and Literature department at Duke University


DEI: Get a Clue! 

Objective: Upon completing this training, hiring officials will recognize unconscious bias while distinguishing its harmful effects on companies and candidates.


Audience: Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Interviewers


7 Useful Effects for Cleaning and Repairing Audio in Adobe Audition.

Objective: Upon completing this training, students will interpret and illustrate how to repair and clean audio in Adobe Audition.


Audience: Students aged 18-25 attaining an associates level audio production degree at South Plains College


Learn the ADDIE Model

Objective: Upon completing this training, learners will compose a course using the ADDIE instructional framework.


Audience: Instructional Design professionals and studen

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